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Law Firm Software Development

Looking for IT product providers who have studied the legal framework and specifics of the legal services field? The MLP Сo development team specializes in creating legal platforms and apps. We can help bring your business into the digital environment!

6 Reasons to Switch to Legal Software

Online tools are replacing paperwork. The risk of losing an important document in the stack of files is much higher than in an electronic document management system because there is a search function. What awaits you after the deployment of a custom legal system: 

  1. Database and cloud storage. Implement a familiar document structuring system and store new files in a protected environment. 
  2. Monitor and manage court cases in software for law. Create folders of scanned evidence and take only the one you need to present in court. 
  3. Procedural document templates. Add and edit information in electronic versions to provide a hard copy for your client to review. 
  4. Set up integration with existing platforms. Integrate third-party cloud products (Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.) into software for a law office, connect case records and client contacts. 
  5. Schedule court hearings and legal advice. Put aside your paper diary to set up an electronic planner with all your data, automatic to-do transfers, and audible reminders. 
  6. Online payments and billing. Track transactions from clients in an app and receive already generated documents to pay for your legal services.

Main Types of Law Firms Software

Apps for remote legal work

Our specialists develop a compact planner and storage of law firm data in a mobile version. Lawyers can control their income, contact clients, and prepare urgent documents on their smartphones. It is also possible to introduce online legal software online simulators on the law to teach trainees.

Website for a law firm

We create "online representations" for companies of all sizes in all industries and jurisdictions. Creating collaborative work tools such as chatbots, online applications, and video consultations help maintain communication with a client 24/7.

Law practice management system

We create multifunctional systems for case management, task automation, daily schedule planning, and client records. You will be able to set up your own work schedules, systematize databases by industry, dates, and stages of work, and maintain financial records.

Data analytics software

Such software tools facilitate a detailed parsing of court proceedings, simulating the perceived positions of the parties in the process. Law firm employees can build a winning strategy based on the results of working with the platform.

Apps for law firm clients

We create law software for clients to increase loyalty and make signing up for legal advice easier. Functionality can include a price list, application template and service cost calculation, acceptance of online payments, built-in navigation to company branches, etc. Another plus for companies: reducing the advertising budget by setting up push notifications about services and discounts directly in the app. Our specialists develop apps for any operating system.

Open source legal billing software

Our team develops billing programs, including basic service pricing and various payment gateways. IT products allow you to account for the hourly rate of a specialist in different areas, choose a specific rate and method of payment.

Our Advantages

  • Impressive experience Our development team has been in the market for over 2 years, and our portfolio contains over 50+ successful cases.
  • Rich expertise We create software for companies in various industries
  • Individual approach We allocate the specialists for a project based on their experience and understanding of the specific field
  • Availability MLP.Co employees accept orders in 10 countries all over the world


  • What are the types of law firm business development software?

    We create more than 10 types of IT solutions in this industry, such as: Mobile apps (Android/iOS, cross-platform) for law firm clients or law firm employees; Software for practice management, internal operations audit, data analytics, and financial reporting; Software for effective litigation management and others.

  • What should be included in the software for a law firm?

    Digital legal products should contain online tools for managing, planning, recording, and keeping financial records of legal activities. For example, document templates, consultation, and court schedules. You can also add cloud-based databases of legislative and procedural materials, services for calculating a company's income, and other sections.

  • How much does it cost to create a legal solution software?

    he service price is calculated based on the terms of reference, special customer requirements, the UI/UX design's complexity, functionality, scope, and timing of the work. We provide an approximate cost after receiving the necessary documents from the client. You can get a free consultation on your project and estimate by contacting the company's managers.

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