Legacy Application Modernization Services

MLP CO offers effective methods and solutions to maximize application transfer, modernization, and security for enterprises. By rehosting, rearchitecting, or replacing applications with SaaS and cloud-native solutions, we help the organization save money and gain advantages.

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Legacy Application Modernization Services

The Services We Offer

01 App Update

Utilize our professional update services to breathe new life into your application. We make certain that your software is always up to date, safe, and optimized, including the most recent features and functionalities to improve both the overall performance and the user experience on the whole.

02 UI/UX Modernization

Through the utilization of our UI/UX modernization services, you may enhance the aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness of your specific application. Through the enhancement of the user interface, the improvement of navigation, and the implementation of contemporary design ideas, our skilled designers will ensure that your application stands out and effectively engages users.

03 Moving Company Data to a Secure Resource

By entrusting our professionals with the task of migrating your valuable data to a resource that is both secure and efficient, you can protect it. In addition to minimizing downtime and guaranteeing the integrity and security of your business-critical information, our seamless data migration services guarantee a smooth transition on your end.

04 Business and Technology Consulting

You can overcome the obstacles of modernization with the help of our comprehensive business and technology consulting services. We help you achieve your company goals by providing strategic advice and guiding you to adopt technology solutions that are in line with those goals. Whether it's through process optimization or the installation of novel technologies, our consulting services offer a complete and efficient approach to application modernization.

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The Services We Offer

How We Work

01 Running Technical Audit

At the beginning of the process, a thorough technical audit should be performed. Our professionals do a thorough analysis of the current system, determining its advantages and disadvantages as well as the areas in which it could be improved. Establishing the groundwork for a customized strategy is the purpose of this essential phase.

02 Approval of the New System Concept

It is important to work closely with the many stakeholders to create and perfect the new system concept. Get everyone on the same page on the modernization roadmap, making sure that the changes that are being proposed are in line with the business goals and the expectations of the users. During this stage of approval, the groundwork is laid for a process that is both efficient and smooth.

03 Deploying the Strategy for the Upgrade of Systems

To give legacy systems a new lease on life, our team makes use of the most cutting-edge technology and best practices in the industry. During the implementation phase, the primary focus is on improving both functionality and performance. This can be accomplished through rearchitecting, refactoring, or the adoption of new methodologies.

04 Software Testing

A comprehensive software testing procedure should be carried out to guarantee the dependability and functionality of the updated system. Beginning with unit testing and continuing through system testing, our quality assurance procedures ensure a smooth transition. To ensure that the modernized application is both resilient and free of errors, it is important to identify and address any potential problems.

05 Release of the New Platform Version

With the release of the new platform version, you can rejoice in the fact that the process has finally reached its conclusion. Through the use of our methodical methodology, we guarantee a seamless transition, hence reducing downtime and increasing user acceptance. This version ushers in a new era of modernization, one in which your application is positioned to achieve improved performance and continued relevance.

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How We Work

Application Modernization Benefits

01 Improved UX

Benefit from a user interface overhaul and enhanced usability. Our application modernization services prioritize intuitive interfaces and up-to-date design principles to provide smooth user interaction and an improved overall experience.

02 State-Of-The-Art Security

Take your application's security to the next level. To protect your data and stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards, we have implemented state-of-the-art security measures as part of our modernization efforts. You can be confident that your updated application is protected from ever-changing cybersecurity risks.

03 Lower Maintenance Costs

Streamline operations by cutting down on maintenance costs. The lifecycle maintenance costs of modernized apps are reduced since they are built for efficiency and to be easy to manage. Take advantage of improved features without paying a fortune in the long run.

04 Optimization of the Business Operations

Simplify your business processes by optimizing your operations. We aim to modernize your application so it aligns with current company objectives, optimize workflows, and increase overall efficiency.

05 Increased Availability and Scalability of Applications

Always make sure that your applications are up-to-date and scalable so that they can handle additional traffic. Our legacy application modernization services increase the availability and performance of your applications, particularly during times of peak usage, by employing cloud technologies and design architectures that are scalable.

06 Simplicity of Future Application Development

Make sure your app can adapt and evolve in the future. Your application can adapt to new technologies and changing business requirements with the help of modernized architectures and flexible frameworks. This will make it an asset that grows with your company.

Application Modernization Benefits


01 How do you modernize an application?

We follow a process that starts with a technical audit and ends with the release of a new platform version after conceptual approval, testing, and the implementation of modernization plans. Following this procedure will guarantee a thorough and efficient plan.

02 Can we modernize legacy applications without operational downtime?

The goal we have is to ensure that the operations continue to run as smoothly as possible. While we are updating older applications, we make certain that the user experience remains uninterrupted and consistent by methodically planning and carrying out the transition at the same time.

03 How much does application modernization cost?

Project complexity and unique needs are some of the variables that affect how much it will cost to modernize an application. To make sure everything is clear and fits into your budget, we offer customized quotations following a thorough consultation.

04 In what ways can I guarantee that the updated program will perform as planned?

Keeping stakeholders informed and engaged through the process is our top priority. The upgraded application will satisfy expectations and produce the intended results thanks to thorough testing, well-defined project milestones, and continuous communication.

05 What is the key factor in deciding to begin the process of modernizing a program?

Keeping your application up-to-date with changing company needs and technology developments is crucial. It could be a good moment to start modernizing your system if it's experiencing problems like out-of-date technology, security difficulties, or scalability problems.

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