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We are proud of our partners and business relations with other communities. Together with them we form an incredible Partners network that unites all of us. This great community will strengthen your business too.

Local communities we support in our R&D locations

Provisioning of support to local engineering communities is vital for MLP Co success in attracting talents. We join initiatives aimed at developing financial literacy and training new technicians. We also take care of the financial literacy of our consultants and work on growing the MLP Co technical community. In Ukraine, our primary R&D location, we help develop the IT and software development ecosystem by supporting various educational projects including partnerships with technology universities.

Why our clients love what we do

The team keeps their hand on the pulse and always gives us comprehensive information on the state of work.

Their communication skills were impressive.The new system allowed the client to digitize their inventory management process, resulting in an increase in business efficiency. MLP.Co are using a shared board to track tasks and communicate clearly and daily to ensure both sides are always in sync. Overall, the team was very easy to work with.

I am impressed with the way the whole process was managed seamlessly and communicated consistently. MLP Co completed and delivered the project successfully, which met the client's expectations. They had a seamless workflow throughout the engagement, and they used an excellent communication skill set to impress the client.

They fit our culture, which enabled us to work internationally.MLP Co's response time, costing, and efficiency remained excellent throughout the partnership. They completed tasks online on time and with impressive quality. The client also lauded their flexibility and broad understanding. Customers can expect an outstanding, fast-paced local firm.

They go above and beyond the typical developing interaction.While metrics can't be shared at the moment, MLP.Co still does a great job of progressing the project and reaching development milestones. The team is highly organized, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their vast technical knowledge and expertise.

They had extensive knowledge and provided good support.After a successful web development site and implementation, the client saw a significant increase in sales and product offers. Moreover, customer satisfaction and brand image were improved well. MLP.Co demonstrated quick and professional communication. They were knowledgeable and supportive.

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