SaaS Development Services

Traditional software became obsolete in the middle of 2012. It has been replaced by cloud technologies – the catalyst for the development of IT products, which is not only relevant in 2022 but will continue to lead the digital trends at least for the next 10 years. Do you want to easily transform your business by developing a SaaS product? Delegate this task to the MLP Co experts!

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SaaS Development Services


From streamlined scalability and cost efficiency to seamless updates and accessibility, our SaaS-based approach empowers you to focus on innovation while we handle the technical intricacies.

01 Modularity

Functions and systems are connected by platform tools and require minimal adjustments.

02 Flexibility

Due to centralized management, the structure and even the purpose of the IT solution can be quickly transformed.

03 Availability

Cloud hosting ensures maximum system performance and fast communication channels to the server.

04 Cross-platform Performance

Usually, a SaaS product is deployed in a web environment but can be packaged to run on Android/iOS.

05 Performance

Dedicated server resources are used to process operations, which may be increased.

06 Automatic updates

Thanks to the centralized platform, all users of the IT solution receive the latest security patches, feature updates, and tool updates simultaneously.


Idea To Reality

Working on a product of any complexity requires preparation in advance because the stakes are very high. If the investment does not pay off, the losses reach massive amounts. And this means that only with the right approach to development strategy is it possible to achieve the profitability of IT solutions based on the SaaS platform.

01 Analysis

Before starting the development, it is necessary to assess all the risks and the profitability of the investment.
You can do this in just one way – to analyze the market, the successful solutions of competitors, and the overall feasibility. If your idea looks like a winner according to the review results – it's time to move on to the next point.

02 Planning

This part is not just about the overall concept of the IT product and in no way about the MVP stage. The planning stage involves creating a comprehensive roadmap that includes both the initial digital go-to-market solution and the further scaling of the resource.

03 Prototyping

You can run a draft or a working "rough" prototype to test the concept. In this way, you will assess the prospects for further development and the general demand for the IT product on the market in the chosen niche.

04 Development

Creation of Back-end and Front-end elements in saas web development does not exist as a dedicated process. Instead, you develop the business architecture, deploy the necessary modules, and connect external services.

05 Testing

The Saas product development in the company must be tested. It is better to do this before the full release, and it is important to break the process down into two parts: comprehensive and unit testing. This is important to ensure maximum product availability and reliability.

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Idea To Reality


Whether it's a corporate system, a complete ERP, CRM, WMS, PIM, or any other digital product – the saas web application development strategy should consider the specifics of work, target audience, and typical scenarios of use of IT solution to ensure an advanced experience of interaction with the final application. To do this, you need to prioritize development correctly in the early stages of software planning

01 Usability

It is an essential component of a digital solution for consumers. Regardless of the product's target audience, all participants working with it should intuitively determine the logic of control and algorithms for processing basic processes. That is why it is best to focus on the usability of an IT solution.

02 Scalability

Saas product development services are the basis for digital product expansion. When choosing a platform to develop your own solution, consider its profile and scalability in your business industry.

03 Availability

Provide your product with stable communication channels and flexible and roomy hosting to avoid overloading system capacity with communications. This will increase the stress tolerance and the throughput capacity to handle large amounts and densities of incoming traffic.

04 Performance

The speed of interface response, query processing, and delivery of results all come down to the notion of performance. Your system must be well-tuned and optimized if you want to provide users with a powerful and reliable tool.deployment and maintenance.

05 Cross-platform

Try to ensure maximum coverage of popular platforms. If you are focused on developing custom software - focus your efforts on releasing different application versions for iOS, Android, and WEB. This way, you will be able to attract more of your audience than if you use one platform, even the most popular one.

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