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Software Development for Healthcare

MLP Co is guided in creating custom healthcare software development in your company by concern for patients and medical personnel. We strive to improve the quality of life for all populations by enhancing standards of care and making doctors' jobs easier.

                        Reasons To Implement Custom Healthcare Solution in Your Clinic

  • Improvement of the quality of patient care. The digitization of the medical business allows you to automate patient appointments and send reminders for visits. Doctors will be able to receive prompt advice from colleagues and related specialists. All this will undoubtedly impact the level of services provided and patient satisfaction.
  • Simplification of home care for patients. The use of IoMT (Medical Internet of Things) technologies in our developments allow us to monitor changes in patients’ vital signs remotely. And based on the data obtained, adjust the prescribed treatment.
  • Increased business efficiency. Tracking clinic inventory, controlling the usage of medications and other resources, and reducing staff time is by no means a complete list of automation capabilities in all cycles.
  • Reduction of risks associated with the disclosure of confidential data. Custom medical solutions have closed source code, which increases their protection against cybercriminals. And blockchain-based software development services for healthcare takes its security to a new level by decentralizing data storage.



E-medical records

Storing patient data on paper is a very inconvenient and irrational solution. More and more clinics are now opting for digitization. It means entering patient information into several types of software. An EPR is an electronic patient record intended for internal use in the clinic. The EMR displays the actions taken in a particular department.

Programs for e-prescriptions

Software development for healthcare allows medical professionals to write prescriptions, and review, renew or cancel them. And integration with pharmacy databases allows them to order the necessary medications and ensure that the patient gets the right medicine.

Medical image processing software

Such software development for healthcare systems are often used to work with radiological, MRI, and CT images. The principle of their functioning is that the software recognizes the image, analyzes it, and helps determine the presence of pathology.

Digital diagnostic solutions

Diagnostic apps are based on AI and MO technologies. They make it possible to exclude the human factor from the diagnosis process and analyze a large amount of information – anamnesis, examination results, records of narrow specialists, symptoms, and medications taken.

Systems for medical facility management

Any medical facility is a business entity whose manager needs to manage staff, control inventory flow, and generate financial documentation. Automating these daily processes allows for optimizing any clinic's work.

Health care payment software

Commercial medical institutions are faced with the need to bill for their services. Specialized software makes it possible to make transactions secure thanks to personal data protection technologies. As well as to assess the clinic's financial condition and plan the organization's budget.


IT and business consulting

We will analyze your market position, select the best digital product and find the best tools to implement it

App creation

We develop custom software for your clinic from scratch to market launch. Prototyping, UI/UX design, and testing are all in our competence.

Integration of third-party services

We will connect a payment system, insurance databases, telemedicine software, and other services and apps to your program.

Post-release support

We provide quality technical support after the app is put into use. We will provide fast troubleshooting of any problems.

Our Advantages

  • The activity is time-tested Young companies cannot provide portfolios to assess their competence. And their teams do not always have time to work together, which can affect development speed and quality.
  • The expertise includes your business area Having experience in the software development healthcare industry, specialists better understand its needs and will be able to offer the best solution.
  • The tech stack is extensive and contains advanced solutions The IT universe is rapidly evolving, so it is essential to use the best programming languages, frameworks, and development tools to create relevant software.


  • What software is used in healthcare?

    Health care software solutions are used in medicine to facilitate the work of medical personnel and improve the patient's experience of interacting with their primary care physicians. The most popular products include e-medical records, patient portals, telemedicine apps, diagnostic systems (including medical imaging software), clinical management and payment software, and patient self-monitoring and self-care software.

  • What software is used by hospitals?

    In hospitals, electronic patient records, facility management systems, and digital diagnostic and billing solutions are relevant. Patients also use other available programs for self-care at home and self-monitoring their health status.

  • Why is software important in healthcare?

    According to statistics, doctors spend more than 16% of their working time on routine work. Automating reporting, shift and appointment schedules, financial accounting, and medication control saves time and allows you to focus on your core responsibilities. In addition, software development for healthcare can improve diagnostic accuracy and prescribe the best treatment.

  • How to manage a team of software developers in healthcare?

    There are several ways of custom healthcare software development. You can create an in-house development team. This means independent project management but additional time and financial expenses. The second option is to turn to outsourcers. In this case, not only will a team of specialists be assigned to work on your project, but a project manager will also manage it themselves.

  • What services does a typical healthcare software development company provide?

    A reliable custom healthcare software development company provides a range of services. The customer can apply to the company with their product idea and get a ready-made solution. As a rule, the provider's competence includes: business analysis, IT consulting, prototyping, development, testing, deployment, release, and post-release support.

  • What is medical software development?

    Medical software development is creating a customized digital solution for a medical facility. Such products improve the quality of interaction between doctors and patients, as well as optimize the process of clinical management.

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