Healthcare Software Development Services

To improve clinical outcomes while simultaneously offering exceptional patient care, our clients can take advantage of technology improvements thanks to the healthcare software development services that we offer.

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Healthcare Software Development Services

#1 Сustom Development Firm for Healthcare Software

The healthcare business is experiencing profound transformations as a result of the widespread use of new technologies. If you want to streamline data management and automate company procedures, now is the time to migrate to the cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things.

MLP is an industry-leading firm that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to address practical, human-centered healthcare issues. As a custom medical software development company we have helped several organizations enhance the standard of care they provide.

#1 Сustom Development Firm for Healthcare Software

Software Development Services We Provide

Specialized programming services can boost productivity, accuracy, and patient care in the healthcare industry. MLP provides software services and solutions to medical device infrastructures, digital health companies, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and organizations.

01 Telemedicine Software Development

We build robust telemedicine software for your healthcare facility that enables contactless therapy and enables doctors to consult, diagnose, and treat patients over video calling or chat.

02 Pharmacy Management Software Development

Pharmaceutical firms may increase their revenue and profitability with our secure, scalable, and optimal pharmacy management systems. Organizations may safeguard their clients from deceit as well.

03 Remote Patient Monitoring Software Development

Our experts develop RPM software for a variety of devices, including wearables and those driven by the Internet of Things, so doctors and nurses can keep tabs on their patients' vitals from afar and act swiftly when necessary.

04 Healthcare Application Development

When you work with our software experts, you'll be able to create and implement a wide range of mobile health applications. These apps can assist with everything from telehealth and billing to medical prescriptions and record management. On the other hand, patients can benefit from apps that monitor their health, keep track of their medications, and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

05 Hospital Management Software Development

With our hospital software development services, you can easily access patient records, organize them efficiently, and create new ones according to certain criteria (e.g., location, gender, age, etc.).

06 Medical Image Analysis

Through the use of image analysis, researchers and producers of medical devices can reduce instances of clinical errors, unnecessary tests, and misdiagnosis while simultaneously improving the quality of care.

07 Healthcare IT Consulting

By providing guidance on which technologies are compatible with your company's ecosystem, assisting in the selection of solutions that are a good fit for your firm, and outlining an effective strategy for their deployment, our advisors assist medical companies in creating ideal digital environments.

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Software Development Services We Provide

The Technologies Our Developers Rely On

01 Data Science and Machine Learning

We examine massive datasets with unparalleled precision using powerful data science and machine learning techniques in custom healthcare application development. We help practitioners predict trends, identify dangers, and create personalized treatment regimens via predictive analytics. Our IT stack combines data science and machine learning for diagnostic support and predictive modeling, ushering in data-driven healthcare.

02 Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting medical equipment is essential for healthcare advancement through the IoT. The use of a network of sensors and devices allows for the real-time monitoring of environmental parameters and patient vitals by medical professionals. By enhancing monitoring and enabling fast treatments, this seamless connectivity transforms patient care into an ecosystem that is both dynamic and responsive.

03 AR & VR

AR and VR technology revolutionize medical training and patient care. Augmented reality allows surgeons to practice in a safe virtual environment using our pharmaceutical custom development services. VR also transports patients to therapeutic environments to reduce pain and anxiety.

04 Blockchain

Blockchain technology securely protects healthcare data with unmatched precision. Our services use blockchain for decentralized, tamper-proof record-keeping to protect patient data. Blockchain increases trust and transparency in healthcare by simplifying medical records and enabling secure data sharing.

05 Voice-enabled solution

With speech-enabled solutions, our development services use natural language processing and voice recognition. Healthcare practitioners can use voice-enabled interfaces for hands-free interactions, improving workflow. Voice interfaces for appointment booking, medication reminders, and health information benefit patients, ushering in a new patient engagement paradigm.

The Technologies Our Developers Rely On

Cooperation Models

01 Project Outsourcing

By entrusting us with your projects, you can take advantage of our expertise, resources, and efficient project management to deliver top-notch solutions within the specified time frame.

02 Team Extension

To boost the performance of your current team, consider incorporating our skilled programmers, designers, and testers. We can shorten the development cycle thanks to our tight collaboration with your group.

03 Dedicated Development Team

Form a group of people to collaborate on your projects, including developers, quality assurance experts, and project managers. This model ensures full control, flexibility, and scalability, making long-term collaboration viable.

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Cooperation Models

Advantages of Custom Development for the Medical Field

01 Customized Functionality

Healthcare providers can customize specialized medical software to match their needs. By fully combining medical professionals' workflows with their needs, we promise that the software will maximize productivity and user exper

02 Improved Interoperability

To facilitate easy communication and data sharing among various healthcare systems, the development of bespoke medical software places a premium on enhanced interoperability. Facilitating a more unified and cooperative system, this interconnection speeds up procedures.

03 Full Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory norms and criteria are carefully considered during the creation process of custom medical software. By doing so, we can be certain that the software is safe for use with sensitive patient data and that it abides by all applicable industry standards.

04 Strong Scalability

Custom medical software development has scalability as one of its primary benefits, enabling the program to adapt to healthcare organizations' evolving needs. Because of its flexibility, the system is future-proof and can easily handle expansion without lowering performance.

05 Cost Minimization

By reducing features and components and maximizing the software's functionality, custom development allows for a systematic approach to feature addition. This leads to efficient utilization of resources, which minimizes costs without compromising performance or user happiness.

06 Fault-Tolerant Security

A strong focus on fault-tolerant security measures is inherent in the creation of custom medical software due to the critical nature of medical data. The integration of robust security protocols protects patient information from potential attacks and guarantees its confidentiality and integrity at all times.

Advantages of Custom Development for the Medical Field

Our Development Process

01 Planning

During the first stage of planning, we carefully examine the client's needs, establish the project's objectives, and create a detailed schedule. To lay a firm groundwork for the creation of software, this phase creates a defined vision.

02 UI/UX

The development of an attractive and easy-to-navigate user interface is our primary goal in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Improving accessibility through user-centric design principles guarantees a smooth and engaging experience for healthcare workers and patients alike.

03 Development and Testing

During development, ideas are transformed into working software. To ensure the development of a strong and error-free software solution, our team utilizes industry-best practices, coding standards, and rigorous testing methods.

04 Deployment

We take great care in migrating the developed software to the target environment during the deployment stage. To make sure everything goes well, with no hiccups and maximum performance in the real setting, we do extensive testing and quality assurance.

05 Launch

The last step is to release the software to the public. We keep a careful eye on how the system is doing after deployment and fix any problems quickly. At this point, you should be working with other parties to make sure the software fits in with the healthcare system without a hitch.

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Our Development Process


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Certifications and Guidelines for Security

As a leading custom hospital software development company, we adhere to stringent security standards and certifications to ensure the protection of our client's data and the compliance of our products. When it comes to healthcare, our software solutions will meet or exceed all local, state, and federal regulations. By utilizing penetration testing and vulnerability scanning based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodology, our healthcare IT consultants assess software security and compliance.

- Compliance with OWASP, IEC 62443, and other standards for secure medical device development.
- Adherence to regulations governing the whole sector, including GDPR, HL7/FHIR, and HIPAA.
- Software development that complies with HAPI and HITECH
- Knowledge of DICOM, FHIR, ICPC-2, CDA, ICD-10, and CPT, among other significant healthcare standards and coding styles.

Certifications and Guidelines for Security


01How long does it take to create a Healthcare App?

The features and complexity of an app determine how long its development will take. During the first meeting, our team usually lays out a comprehensive schedule for the project.

02How can we be sure of the project quality?

As part of our dedication to quality, we do extensive testing at every stage of development. To ensure the quality of the project, we follow industry standards, perform comprehensive QA, and include the customer at critical phases.

03Can you adhere to the level of security required for healthcare software?

Sure thing. To make sure software is as secure as can be, we follow compliance regulations and industry best practices when it comes to security.

04How can you ensure that software drives business value for us?

You may rest assured that our development method will help you achieve your company objectives. To make sure the program helps you achieve your goals and improves your operations, we perform in-depth business analyses.

05What is AI-enabled healthcare development?

The incorporation of AI into solutions is the essence of AI-enabled healthcare development. This improves the overall efficiency of software and includes features like smart decision support systems, tailored diagnostics, and predictive analytics.

06What are your healthcare IoT development services?

Connected devices for real-time monitoring, data collecting, and improved decision-making capacities are all part of our IoT development services, which aim to create a more linked and effective healthcare ecosystem.

07Are you developing mobile healthcare applications?

Our expertise lies in creating apps for mobile platforms like iOS and Android, making them accessible and user-friendly for a wider range of people.

08How much does mobile application development cost?

The features and scope of the project determine the cost. To be completely transparent and work within your budget, we offer comprehensive cost estimates at the first project evaluation.

09What if I return later to request a product improvement?

After the product is released, we are open to working with you to make it even better. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with continuous support, adapt to your changing demands, and keep your healthcare software running at its best.

010Which is the best platform for app development?

Your project's unique needs will dictate the platform you choose. During the first consultation, we consider aspects like the intended users and the features they would like before discussing and recommending the best platform.


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