Custom Software Development Services

Moving ambitious concepts to effective, high-performing online platforms is something that MLP is enthusiastic about. Our company offers state-of-the-art technology solutions to a variety of industries, and we are metrics-driven. On-time and under budget, we provide full-cycle development.

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Custom Software Development Services

Customized Solution Resolves All of Your Problems

MLP Сo — Trusted Assistant In Everything Related To Custom Software Development Services. Let’s create together!

01 IT Consulting

With the help of our consultancy, you can determine whether or not your ideas have any potential of becoming successful. Taking into consideration the digital goals you have set for your project, we will determine which technological stacks and frameworks would be utilized most effectively.

02 Creating web apps

Creating online applications that are accessible, secure, scalable, and maintainable may be accomplished at a cost that is affordable with the use of MLP's bespoke web app development services.

03 Solutions for Mobile Devices

We create and develop high-quality applications for both the Android and iOS operating systems. Our dedicated bespoke mobile app developers are capable of developing native, hybrid, and cross-platform applications, among other types of mobile applications.

04 Development of software as a service

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) application developers work to transform the challenges faced by your business into advantageous possibilities so that you can make the most of your investments.

05 Creating desktop apps

We develop desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux utilizing the languages C++/Qt,.NET, and Python respectively.

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Customized Solution Resolves All of Your Problems

Our Development Process

Stages of Providing Custom Software Development Services by MLP Co. We offer you a detailed description of how our team works on a digital product.

01 Business analytics and IT consulting

Comprehensive business analytics and information technology consulting are part of the first stage. Together, we can figure out how the new software fits in with your present procedures once you tell us your company goals. This step establishes the groundwork for a solution that can be easily integrated into your current process.

02 Prototyping

We start by working together in brainstorming sessions to define the software's features and structure. By creating a physical model of the solution, we can check that it satisfies your aesthetic and usability standards in addition to your practical needs.

03 Software development

Our custom software development firm begins constructing the program in stages when a strong plan is established. All components must meet the highest standards and be in line with the project's overall objectives, thus continual quality assurance is our top priority during this phase.

04 Testing

After the development phase, the next step is collaborative testing. Together, we check the software, fix any bugs, and make sure it works as expected. Software dependability, security, and performance can only be ensured by thorough testing.

05 Deployment and release

Once the software has passed testing, our expert team will deploy it. We can run a limited trial implementation with the help of our technical team to gain additional assurance. This will make sure everything goes smoothly and give us time to fix any problems that may arise.

Our Development Process

The Expertise We Bring to a Range of Fields

To get a digital product that best meets the needs of your particular business, it is essential to choose custom software application development services with impressive experience working directly in your niche. MLP Co's expertise is at your service:

01 Custom Software Development Services for the Healthcare

Apps that improve healthcare data administration and efficiency may fall under this category. These may include patient management systems, EHR systems, medical billing software, and others.

02 Accounting Industry Software Development

Accounting software, tax preparation software, and financial management systems.

03 E-Commerce Development Services

This field focuses on developing and enhancing e-commerce systems. Mobile apps, websites, and integration of secure payment channels. Easy and intuitive internet purchasing is the aim.

04 Development of Digital Products for the Real Estate Business

Making software that helps the real estate market function better. Software for managing properties, real estate websites, listing apps for mobile devices, virtual tours, and other similar things could all be part of this.

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The Expertise We Bring to a Range of Fields

Our Cooperation Models

To ensure a productive partnership, our flexible cooperation models provide you the freedom to select the method that works best for your project.

01 Project Outsourcing

If you choose to outsource specific tasks to us, our custom software development services company will manage any development services with ease, utilizing our skills to finish them on time and under budget.

02 Team Extension

You can boost the ability of your organization to meet the requirements of the project by expanding your in-house workforce by bringing in our qualified professionals. They will assist you in working together more effectively.

03 Dedicated Development Team

Create a team of programmers whose main mission is to work on your projects; doing so will ensure that there is continuous communication, adaptability, and harmony with the goals of your firm.

Our Cooperation Models

Advantages of Partnering with Us

01 Quality Product

We will ensure that your project is executed to the highest standard. To guarantee dependability, performance, and customer happiness, our devoted team is devoted to producing a top-notch product that goes above and beyond your expectations.

02 Faster Time-To-Market

Thanks to our agile development technique, our specialists can swiftly adjust course when necessary. We also provide minimal marketable products and MVPs in case you aren't quite ready for a full production release. In a matter of weeks, your project might be live.

03 Latest Technology Stack

Continue to lead in the digital realm with our state-of-the-art technology stack. We use cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to establish a solid basis for your project.

04 Complete Transparency

We can be there for you every step of the way, offering professional advice and assistance while you build. This way, you can rest assured that your unique software will continue to serve your needs long into the future.

05 Enhanced Security

A devoted team of professionals backs your software from the moment you work with MLP, making sure it's created to perform while minimizing risks. Knowing that your company's information and assets are secure at all times can give you a sense of calm.

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Advantages of Partnering with Us


Here, we address the most common queries to provide you with clear and concise information. Browse through this resource to gain insights, clarity, and ease as you navigate your way through our offerings.

01How long does it take to build custom software?

Project complexity determines the timeline for custom software development. We offer comprehensive schedules following a careful evaluation of the project.

02How much does a custom software development service cost?

Estimates are based on the features, complexity, and scope of the project. We take the time to understand your unique needs so that we can provide you with tailored quotes.

03Who decides on the software development methodology?

Based on project objectives, we work with customers to choose the most appropriate methodology. To choose a strategy that meets expectations, client involvement is essential.

04What exactly do custom software development services entail?

The process of creating one-of-a-kind software solutions includes brainstorming, planning, coding, testing, and release. It entails learning about the client's requirements, designing unique features, and making sure everything works as it should.

05How can you hire a custom software development company?

Make direct contact or use our website to get in touch if you are interested in hiring us. During our consultation, we will assess your requirements, review your project, and then draft a detailed strategy for the creation of your custom software.


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CTO, Web3 SDK Provider

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Our Clients Feedback

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