Aleksandr Kholin

CEO, Co-founder

About Aleksandr

MLP Co and Future Development Solutions are two companies where I lead and collaborate on software development projects that bring value and results to clients. I combine my technical knowledge with data analysis skills to provide customized software solutions that meet market needs and improving performance.

As a partner at Future Development Solutions, I work with technology clients across industries and fields to promote effective development methodologies, team management procedures, and company growth prospects.

As the founder and CEO at MLP Co, I have been helping tech start-ups and experienced businesses with software development needs . Suppose you don't need “just someone” for the job—I bet you'd like to hire a professional IT project manager. And I know where to find the whole team that will be dedicated to your project and result-oriented. I am a Thinker, Doer, and Problem-Solver who can take on challenging tasks and create fully-functional solutions that deliver real value.

About Aleksandr

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