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How We Work

We create custom software from scratch, using just your ideas as a starting point. We provide a full range of services, from product inception, design, and development all the way to software deployment and delivery to the end users. We do whatever it takes to implement your unique vision, no matter the complexity.

Models of cooperation

Cooperation Model

  • Project outsourcing
  • Team extension
  • Dedicated development team / center

Pricing Model

  • Fixed Price
  • Time & material (Per specialist hourly billing)
  • Monthly retainer

Resource Utilization Ratio

  • Rate for long term projects, full time or close to full time
  • Rate for short term projects, part time & on demand resource access

Project outsourcing

A cooperation model where we implement a project based on specifications provided by the client, and are responsible for ensuring successful delivery of the project. In this scenario day-to-day management of the project and selection of the dividual team members is the responsibility of the vendor. Project Outsourcing comes with two pricing models – Fixed price and T&M.

The Fixed Price model suits the client when the budget for the development of the entire project is approved before the start of work and remains unchanged. A contract with a fixed price is most often used for small projects with strictly limited functionality that does not provide much room for changes and edits. Because under such a model financial risks of underestimating and unforeseen complications are carried by the vendor, when preparing a fixed price estimate usually a certain risk margin is added.

Time & Material pricing model is used in cases where it is difficult to determine the exact cost of the finished product. Each project is usually divided into several separate tasks (including functionality, cases of use, tests, etc.) The project manager provides recommendations on task prioritization, the level of their complexity, the method of their implementation, and estimated cost.

Team Extension

We help leading companies and tech startups to stay ahead of competition by delivering skilled talented software engineers for their projects.
We sharpened our expertise to deliver highly-functional solutions and establish long-term partnership with our clients. Regardless of technology platform, MLP Co can work either as a custom software project developer or as a seamless addition to your in-house technology staff.

Quick start

If you need a specific specialist – designer, backend, frontend developer, or another – we will promptly select the best IT specialist personally for your project. You will be able to start implementing your ideas in a short time and at no extra cost.


Extensive software development opportunities

Team extension model covers the shortage of qualified personnel and expands opportunities to apply advanced technologies in development. We provide reliable specialists experienced both in developing business apps from scratch and in upgrading legacy management systems. MLP Сo offers a team of engineers and developers who adhere to high standards of their work.

High level of reliability

A dedicated team of software developers is focused on long-term cooperation and achieving maximum success. Unlike a staffed in-house team, you can easily scale your team by staffing it with the right specialists who work at MLP Co and are ready to get involved in the project immediately.

Development Team

The dedicated software development teams we assemble are selected not only for their experience, but also for seamless communication and alignment with your professional culture. These experts deeply study your business processes and make your goals their own. Moreover, they will be by your side for as long as you need them.

Effective management and communication This type of contract is perfectly suited for long-term projects with undefined requirements, or large internal projects of the client’s company when there is not enough qualified staff on board or the cost of such talent at client's location is too high. In such a relationship it is the client's responsibility to manage the team, while we are responsible for the administrative management and facilitation. Working on the basis of this cooperation model, we rely on Monthly retainer pricing than a client performs full-time monthly billing per specialist time.

The Dedicated development team is a cooperation model that allows clients to assemble a team, or hire specific engineering talent.


  • Why hire a team/individual specialist on staff?

    To save time finding the right worker, reduce financial costs, and get qualified help.

  • How much does it cost to hire a dedicated team?

    The price depends on the geography, a specialist's skills, and the project's complexity. The average cost of a team is $35/hour, and the work of a hired specialist is about $50/hour.

  • How long does it take to build software?

    It all depends on the type of IT product, its functionality, platform, server part, design, etc. For example, small apps with minimal functionality are developed in 3-4 months. Large CRM systems and software for business – from 6 months.

  • How does software improvement happen?

    The refinement process depends on the level of development of the existing product and its functions. Our team will research your software, identify "weaknesses," and select the necessary tools. Then, guided by your business needs, we will make the necessary changes.

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